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Indies For Indies

It sounds as though a cool new film series is going to be starting at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont called “Indies for Indies”. Curated by local filmmaker Lucas McNeely and the Hollywood Theater, the first screening is March 6th, with the World Premiere of Amir Motlagh’s WHALE opening the series.

[vimeo 2879696]

Lucas had this to say about the new event: “It’s a film screening series slash on-going festival designed to bring to Pittsburgh films that wouldn’t otherwise get here, mainly the best undistributed films out there. Each week we’ll screen a different film, with 3 screenings spread out across the week (Sat, Mon, Tues), and the filmmakers will get a cut of the door, which almost never happens in festivals. We’ll pair each film with a short and, if possible, get the filmmakers to show up and talk about their films.”

“As fewer and fewer quality festival films find distribution, the goal of the series is to ensure that the fine folks in Pittsburgh still have an opportunity to see the very best of the next wave of filmmakers, and in doing that, to help those filmmakers grow an audience here that they can use going forward. And, of course, we’ll be including as many of the quality local films we can, because those are the best connections to foster.”

“We have a list of films that are screening that includes films from this year’s Sundance and SXSW festivals, but we’ll start on March 6th with the World Premiere of Amir Motlagh’s WHALE.”

Filmmaker/critic Tom Russell said this about WHALE recently: “WHALE is what Truffaut called the cinema of the future…. It has talent and ambition to spare; Motlagh knows exactly what he wants and he knows how to get it. He’s not afraid to be personal, to be slightly obscure and elliptical, to use the freedom that independence gives him. whale is definitely worth seeing and considering for filmgoers and filmmakers alike.”

For more info on the Hollywood Theater visit http://www.hollywooddormont.com

For more on the film WHALE visit: whalethefilm Continue reading

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