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Unstilled @ The Schmutz Lodge

We braved the snowstorm Friday night and only made it to one Unblurred event. But we’re glad that we made it to the Distillery Program’s “unstilled” exhibit opening at The Schmutz Lodge in Garfield. The Brew House Distillery Program’s artists, who have been temporarily displaced due to the work being done on the BH building to get it up to code, turned an entire residential house into installation pieces and it was more than a bit surreal. As soon as you walk through the front door and see the adjoining room’s ceiling full of upside-down doves, you feel a little like Alice tumbling down to Wonderland. And one didn’t know quite what to expect as they wind around the rooms of this 3-story exhibit. From magical floating keys, to an onion-skinned onion-man puppet, to a casino attic it was unlike anything we’ve seen in while and walked away quite impressed. Congrats to all the artists on this one-of-a-kind creation!

If you missed it, you can catch the closing reception next month at the March edition of Unblurred!

You can see more of our photos of the event here, on our Flickr page!

AND!! There are even more awesome photos of both the construction of and opening party at The Schmutz Company website!!! Continue reading

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