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Yoshimi Battles The CSX Train

If you missed the spectacle that is a Flaming Lips show on Tuesday night at the Station Square Amphitheater, we’ve posted a couple picks to our Flickr photostream.

My first FL show was exactly as expected…plus bonus train sounds. Nothing says Pittsburgh like a band having to pause between songs to wait for a train to pass by. Wayne Coyne and company actually placed microphones next to the tracks and pumped it through the sound system. They relished in the free ambient noise track which actually seemed like a perfect fit, if not planned part of the performance. Amidst a bear suit, confetti cannons, giant balloons, giant laser hands and much more, The Flaming Lips played flawlessly to an anticipatory crowd that hadn’t seen them in Pittsburgh since 2003.Let’s hope they come back sooner this time. Continue reading

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Got $20? Get music!

This Friday night, $20 gets you an incredibly killer show at The Station Square Amphitheater featuring headliner Girl Talk with supporting cast Wiz Khalifa , Don Caballero, Grand Buffet, Modey Lemon, Centipede E’est, Donora, and DJ Kendall from Remedy. If … Continue reading

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