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CC Interview: Michael Paul Smith

First off, we apologize for this being March already and only our first interview of 2010. But, we think made up for it with this one. I was pretty excited to get the chance to get to know Michael Paul Smith a little better, as you will too after reading the interview.

Notice anything about the pictures above? Any similarities? Yes, they both have cars. Yes, they both depict classic mid-century scenes of America. It’s daytime…come on. Give up? Look a little closer…yes…they are not real scenes…well, they are…but in miniature. That’s right! Mr. Smith is a model builder / photograper. Each of the photos above, as well as below, are all hand built models. Everything but the cars (which are die cast collectibles) and the scenery in the extreme background is built from scratch.

When I stumbled across Mr. Smith’s work last month I was not only taken aback by the fact these were not real street scenes, but ecstatic when I found found out he is a Pittsburgh native. He currently resides in Massachusetts, but as stated on his Flickr profile, Pittsburgh is his spiritual and geographical center. His fictional town of Elgin is based on his hometown of Sewickely, PA and looks like a page right out of Pittsburgh’s history book. Read on to find out more as well as see more of Mr. Smith’s amazing work.
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12 Questions For…Joseph Urban!

Our latest City Creative interview features local illustrator/graphic designer Joseph Urban. I think Joseph’s style can best be summed up as “The Dark Crystal vs Spawn”. Well, at least that’s how I would describe it. His extensive character repertoire ranges … Continue reading

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