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Best and Brightest!

Congratulations to two local Pittsburgh companies, ClearCount Medical Solutions and Bright Innovation, for being featured in Popular Science’s Best Of What’s New 2009 as having one of the top 100 innovations of the year, “The SmartSponge System”! It’s just one more example of the great innovation taking place in the Burgh.

ClearCount went to design firm Bright innovation to work together in developing the Smart Sponge system. The SmartSponge system provides an invaluable service in operating rooms, with the potential to save lives and costly errors. After soaking up blood during a surgery, ClearCount’s SmartSponges alert medical staff before they can be accidentally sewn up inside a patient after surgery. The table-side scanner keeps track of the location of the RFID tag securely embedded in the sponges and counts how many have gone into the patient. Once the doctor and staff finish the operation, they simply wave the RFID wand over the patient to ensure that they’re sponge-free.

Find out more about the entire design process on the award-winning product at Bright Innovation’s website here! Continue reading

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Brain Power

Ever wish you could control things with your mind? Be the ultimate couch potato by not even having to pick up the remote. Operate your computer with mind power instead of mouse power? Well the fine folks at Intel are working on that. I just read an interesting article on physorg.com about what Intel is working on right here in Pittsburgh.

“Intel believes its customers would be willing to have a chip implanted in their brains so they could operate computers without the need for a keyboard or mouse using thoughts alone. The implant could also be used to operate devices such as cell phones, TVs and DVDs. While it seems unlikely many people would volunteer for the Intel chip implant at present, it could have applications for people who are unable to move, such as quadriplegics.

The chip is being developed at Intel’s laboratory in Pittsburgh, USA. It would sense brain activity using technology based on FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The brain sensing chips are not yet available, but Intel research scientist Dean Pomerleau thinks they are close.”

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Baby High-Tech

Pittsburgh, the home of generations of innovation, is now the home of some of the most innovative baby products on the market. 4 Moms has taken technological innovation and transformed some of the most basic everyday products into “baby high-tech” … Continue reading

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Inflate this!

Leave it to the tech wizards at CMU to revolutionize the way we interact with technology. What if you could be visually impaired, i.e. blind, and use an iphone, ATM screen or other touch screen device? Well, based on their … Continue reading

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Have you ever fallen asleep only to wake up in the morning to a room full of lamps, stereos, televisions and other electronic on? Well fortunately for late night workaholics everywhere there is a new product on the horizon. Two … Continue reading

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