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Grateful for Gratitude!

Do you know what this Saturday is? It’s Gratitude 2009 Release Day @ East End Brewing!!!And it’s also one of my favorite beer labels ever (hand-wrapped paper labels with wax sealed top…gorgeous)! I haven’t had a barleywine since a Gratitude 2008 about a year ago, so I can’t wait to get my hands onthe 2009.

They’ll be selling (for ONE day only):

1. Gratitude 2009 ($18) (Actually, they’ll have this one for a while)
2. Woodel Nickel 5th Anniversary Saison ($15+3 deposit)
3. Possibly some Gratitude of older vintages ($tbd)
4. Possibly some “dirty label” Gratitude of older vintages ($tbd)
5. But generally, Gratitude 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 will only be available in these Stacked Vertical packs:

Three-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

* 3 bottles of Gratitude 2009
* 2 bottles of Gratitude 2008
* 1 bottle of Gratitude 2007

Four-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

* 4 bottles of Gratitude 2009
* 3 bottles of Gratitude 2008
* 2 bottles of Gratitude 2007
* 1 bottle of Gratitude 2006

Five-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

* 5 bottles of Gratitude 2009
* 4 bottles of Gratitude 2008
* 3 bottles of Gratitude 2007
* 2 bottles of Gratitude 2006
* 1 bottle of Gratitude 2005

Brewery door opens at 12 noon! Get in line!

Get all your release day info right here!


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An East End Evening

We love blogging about stuff we love and love to do…and this looks amazingly tempting to do…An East End Brewing craft beer dinner at The Frick Café on March 25th! The Café will present a five-course craft beer dinner featuring the artisan brews of East End Brewing Company. Delicious!

There will be one seating for this special evening of food and beer at 7:00 p.m. This will probably sell out rather quickly so I would recommend getting your reservations in now. Cost is $70 per person and includes tax and gratuity. Pre-payment is required. Call 412.371.0600 for info our head to The Frick’s website to read more. Continue reading

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East End Brewing’s REVERSE KEG RIDE 2009!

This Saturday is my favorite local brewery’s first annual “Reverse” Keg Ride! East End Brewing has been doing their annual Keg Ride for a years now, which entails hauling the first few kegs of their Pedal Pale Ale from the brewery to a local tap-spot. Each year the number of accompanying riders seems to double, with a total of 500 registered earlier this year for the spring ride. This saturday will be the first time they will take the empty keg on a ride back to the brewery, hence the “reverse” part of the ride, marking the end of the season for Pedal Pale Ale. Continue reading

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