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Star Wars: Fousted!

If you’re a Star Wars fan, or a collectible card..uh..collector, you’ll no doubt know about the Topps Star Wars sketch card series of cards. These are one-off sketches by various artists on actual cards placed randomly throughout packs of Star Wars cards all over the country. Pittsburgh’s own Dustin Foust (featured in a CC interview here) was honored with the chance to add his unique flair to a set of his own. They are highly collectible as I personally found out. You can find the cards on Ebay, and I was outbid for one that I really, really wanted. Bummer.

As a side note, we’re also really bummed (but super happy for him) that Dustin has moved (just last week) to San Francisco to a wonderful new opportunity. We’ll definitely miss him and his talents in PGH, but we’ll try and keep tabs on him for everyone. Best of luck to you and your family Dustin! We’ll miss ya!

You can check out more of Dustin’s work @ http://www.dafoust.blogspot.com/ Continue reading

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12 Questions For… Dustin Foust!

This is our inaugural interview in a new post we’re calling “12 Questions For…” which will be highlighting local artists, designers and more. So enjoy the first installment and watch for more to come in the near future. In our … Continue reading

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