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Cultural Crawl

Looks like an exciting winter Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District downtown Friday night. From the opening of Martin Bonadeo:Alba Magica at Wood Street Galleries to the plethora of other downtown gallery and performance offerings, there’s plenty for everyone to check out. The crawl runs from 5:30 to 9, so head down after work to catch it all! Continue reading

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SPACE rewind

We’re glad we braved the cold and made it down to SPACE Gallery last night for the opening of Behind Our Scenes. And we even made it in time to catch the end of Meeting of Important People’s set. It was great atmosphere to walk into from out of the cold. Live music, a packed house of art patrons and walls of great local art. If you missed it last night, definitely get down to SPACE and check out the show. It runs through Feb 13th.

You can check out more of our photos on our SPACE Flickr gallery set! Continue reading

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Behind Our Scenes

Tomorrow night is the opening reception for BEHIND OUR SCENES at SPACE Gallery downtown. I’m excited to see this show because of the unique premise behind it. It’s an opportunity for those that make a living promoting other artist’s work to step out from behind the curtain andhave their own work be the center of the show. First time curators Nicole Rosato and Laura Mustio said they “wanted to turn the museum/gallery inside out and showcase the talent of the artists that work behind the scenes of these art establishments”.

“Behind Our Scenes is a survey of the talent that lies behind the gallery walls and exhibition spaces of Pittsburgh’s art establishments. From Curator to Customer Service Representative, the 34 artists featured in the show spend their 9-5’s putting other artists’ work in the spotlight. Participating artists are employed by Carnegie Museum of Art, Future Tenant, Fe Arts Gallery, Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Wood Street Galleries”.

The 34 artists exhibiting are directly involved in Pittsburgh’s current art scene not only through their jobs, but by being local working artists as well. And wide range of work, from painting to drawing to sculpture, video, printmaking, fiber art and more show the diversity in art that is present in that art scene.

The show opens tomorrow night , the 11th , and runs through February 13.

Opening Reception 6:00 – 10:00

Music by:

Meeting of Important People @ 7 pm

DJ Mary Mack @ 7:30 pm Continue reading

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Root Down Rewind

Last night’s ROOT cocktail making contest was a “spiritful” night out downtown. The local bartenders (from Bossa Nova, SOBA, Firehouse Lounge, Embery, Yo Rita and more) shook, stirred and poured the night away at Bossa Nova making some fanciful cocktail creations. The drinks included glassware from tall to small, and varied ingredients from ginger root to nutmeg to chocolate syrup. The judges, which included Rick Sebak of WQED TV, Liz Fetchin of Pittsburgh Magazine and Craig Mrusek of Dr. Bamboo, really seemed to enjoy all the drinks throughout the evening.

We sampled the different ROOT cocktails that were on the bar’s drink menu for the evening. All in all, ROOT makes a great mixer with a wide range of ingredients. While the Hard Candy cocktail (mixed with buttershots and soda) was too sweet for our tastes, The Root Squared (mixed with root beer) was delightfully refreshing. I can’t remember the name of my other drink unfortunately, but it was mixed with Myers rum and lemonade…Awesome! Depending on your mixers, the liqueur is great for summertime sipping or a warming up a winter’s night. We can’t wait to get a bottle and experiment at home. And of course, what’s not to like about all the free food last night too. From quesadillas to sushi to some sort of crab ball things…excellent. Thanks to Bossa Nova for hosting this cool event, and thanks to ROOT for sponsoring it.
Continue reading

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Root Down @ Bossa Nova

If you’re into specialty spirits and cocktails, there’s a pretty cool event happening tonight. ROOT is hosting a Pittsburgh cocktail making competition at Bossa Nova downtown featuring of course, ROOT. I got a chance to try ROOT last weekend for the first time at Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville and I absolutely loved it. It’s organic, based in Pennsylvania history and from a Philadelphia company. What’s not to love.? And instead of going into lengthy detail about it, you can head over to the ROOT website for a video all about it, as well as get some great drink recipies: http://www.artintheage.com/spirits-aita/ This is one bottle of spirits that may need a permanent spot cleared for it in my liquor cabinet. Continue reading

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Downtown’s Light Up Night #49

It’s getting to be the Holiday Season again which means this Friday night is Downtown’s 49th annual Light Up night! Visiting Macy’s (Kaufmann’s) holiday window displays, downtown holiday shopping and Santa’s arrival are 3 things I remember from my childhood that always made the season complete. This Friday night kicks off with tons of events from music by Etta Cox and more, LuminoCITY LED art installation, the lighting of the Holiday Tree, fireworks, Santa’s arrival and much more!

Here’s a sampling of some of the events downtown, but check out downtownpittsburgh.com for the complete 2009 schedule. And don’t forget to check out the other events at Station Square and more. Continue reading

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Let There Be Light

If you missed last year’s magnificent light displays on buildings such as the Cathedral of Learning and The Omni William Penn, well, there’s nothing quite like a building-sized display of art…that isn’t really even there. This year’s Festival of Lights … Continue reading

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