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I just finished watching “the.brief.dvd” that a friend had lent me. I would highly recommend it to any industrial designers who are just starting out in school, or even pro designers who maybe want to see the design process of others.This is definitely a video (along with Objectified) that should be required viewing in school. The video shows how 4 different designers attack a design problem from initial sketching through 3D mock-up. Oh, and the soundtrack is pretty killer as well. You can purchase the DVD through Core77 here. (Although it’s currently on back-order…sorry.)

UPDATE: Core77 should be receiving a new batch of DVDs any minuteā€¦or you can buy it right now at http://www.thebriefdvd.com Continue reading

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Have you ever fallen asleep only to wake up in the morning to a room full of lamps, stereos, televisions and other electronic on? Well fortunately for late night workaholics everywhere there is a new product on the horizon. Two … Continue reading

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