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RECHARGEABLE : Jorge Luis Santana

‘RECHARGEABLE’, the personal exhibition of visiting Cuban artist Jorge Luis Santana will be having its opening reception on Friday July 22nd at the Brew House Space 101 Gallery in the South Side, from 6pm to 9:30pm. The exhibition will feature installations, video, paintings and photos from the artist.

The official press release:

With RECHARGABLE, the Camagüeyan artist closes a cycle of work for more than 20 years of creation. The exhibition brings together a set of very current ideas and projects, together with others that Santana has been in process of during his artistic career, casting in about 25 pieces, including installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs and video art, giving it a unique generic and technical feel. Here the artist focuses more attention on the effectiveness of the materials, finishing and cleaning in the execution of the works, giving more value to the conceptual and offering a sharper look the its recurrent, but always original sociological concerns, on the influence of context on the behavior of the individual, the environment and its relation to the cultural fabric of society and the Soliloquy of the interior of the human being with different choices of destination, the history and time.

In this regard, we will notice how Santana is interested more and more by the approach of the everyday and the problem of the image and its contents. Iconographies and purposes outlined in various creative periods converge, revealing the relationship as a whole, a cultural statement, visually in a way that is characteristic and representative of the artist.

Santana gives great importance to the creative process, the final selection, multiple solutions to internalize and investigate, as well as linkages with other materials and techniques often outside the artistic practice. This allows you to establish a kind of feedback which incorporates his work contents and knowledge by way of support where the speech is based.

Opening reception is Friday July 22nd : 6-9:30pm.
Weekly Gallery hours through August 13th:
Wednesdays & Thursdays : 6-9pm
Saturdays: 12-6pm

The Brew House Space 101 Gallery is located at 2100 Mary St in the South Side (15203). Continue reading

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Want it? Have It!

We’re always looking for new and exciting arts happenings to post…not always the usual big museum stuff (which we still love)…and this event fits perfectly into our line of thinking. ‘Want It? HaveIt!’ is happening this weekend in White Oak.

“The borough of White Oak will be turned into a pop-up gallery on the weekend of June 18 & 19.* Creative works of all sorts will be on display at various random outdoor locations — if you see a piece you like, keep it! All works on display are free for the taking.”

What a great idea! Based on the works of some of the submitting artists..i.e. Stephanie Towell (www.stephanie-towell.com) and Brad Towell http://www.modestoprints.com, there is some awesome artwork to scavenge. Continue reading

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Steel City Artist Collective

While City Creative will be heading to NYC this weekend for ICFF, there’s plenty to do back here in the Burgh. Steel City Artist Collective will be having their first exhibition tonight and tomorrow. SCAC, a group of over 20 artists, will be holding the show at 2700 Jane St in the Southside.

From SCAC:

“We feel art is an important aspect of our culture today and hope events like this will further cultivate creativity in our community,” says Denman Rooke, one of the founding members of the collective. The artists involved range from professional to amateur and work in a variety of media. Works on display will include drawings, paintings, prints, and photography, as well as video, sculpture, and installation. Each artist will be exploring the theme “something from nothing.” Many works will be on sale. Continue reading

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Inside Glance

We apologize for not getting this up before the opening reception last weekend, but you still have until April 8th to catch “Inside Glance”: “Janise Hexon & Connie Cantor” at the Christine Frechard Gallery in Squirrel Hill.

Gallery hours are:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

And you can find out more at http://www.christinefrechardgallery.com/

Continue reading

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Unstilled @ The Schmutz Lodge

We braved the snowstorm Friday night and only made it to one Unblurred event. But we’re glad that we made it to the Distillery Program’s “unstilled” exhibit opening at The Schmutz Lodge in Garfield. The Brew House Distillery Program’s artists, who have been temporarily displaced due to the work being done on the BH building to get it up to code, turned an entire residential house into installation pieces and it was more than a bit surreal. As soon as you walk through the front door and see the adjoining room’s ceiling full of upside-down doves, you feel a little like Alice tumbling down to Wonderland. And one didn’t know quite what to expect as they wind around the rooms of this 3-story exhibit. From magical floating keys, to an onion-skinned onion-man puppet, to a casino attic it was unlike anything we’ve seen in while and walked away quite impressed. Congrats to all the artists on this one-of-a-kind creation!

If you missed it, you can catch the closing reception next month at the March edition of Unblurred!

You can see more of our photos of the event here, on our Flickr page!

AND!! There are even more awesome photos of both the construction of and opening party at The Schmutz Company website!!! Continue reading

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SPACE rewind

We’re glad we braved the cold and made it down to SPACE Gallery last night for the opening of Behind Our Scenes. And we even made it in time to catch the end of Meeting of Important People’s set. It was great atmosphere to walk into from out of the cold. Live music, a packed house of art patrons and walls of great local art. If you missed it last night, definitely get down to SPACE and check out the show. It runs through Feb 13th.

You can check out more of our photos on our SPACE Flickr gallery set! Continue reading

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Behind Our Scenes

Tomorrow night is the opening reception for BEHIND OUR SCENES at SPACE Gallery downtown. I’m excited to see this show because of the unique premise behind it. It’s an opportunity for those that make a living promoting other artist’s work to step out from behind the curtain andhave their own work be the center of the show. First time curators Nicole Rosato and Laura Mustio said they “wanted to turn the museum/gallery inside out and showcase the talent of the artists that work behind the scenes of these art establishments”.

“Behind Our Scenes is a survey of the talent that lies behind the gallery walls and exhibition spaces of Pittsburgh’s art establishments. From Curator to Customer Service Representative, the 34 artists featured in the show spend their 9-5’s putting other artists’ work in the spotlight. Participating artists are employed by Carnegie Museum of Art, Future Tenant, Fe Arts Gallery, Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Wood Street Galleries”.

The 34 artists exhibiting are directly involved in Pittsburgh’s current art scene not only through their jobs, but by being local working artists as well. And wide range of work, from painting to drawing to sculpture, video, printmaking, fiber art and more show the diversity in art that is present in that art scene.

The show opens tomorrow night , the 11th , and runs through February 13.

Opening Reception 6:00 – 10:00

Music by:

Meeting of Important People @ 7 pm

DJ Mary Mack @ 7:30 pm Continue reading

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