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No Parking

Just got back from a walk around the South Side and realized that half of the photos I snapped had to do with ‘No Parking’. And while ‘No Parking’ is a hassle for Pittsburgh suburbanites flooding the South Side on the weekends, it’s a way of life for us residents. We deal. Continue reading

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Urban Camo Parking Space

Do you see it?…I’m so glad I just took a walk outside. Otherwise I would have missed the greatest urban camouflage parking space in Pittsburgh history. Does anyone have any idea who owns this vehicle? If so, give them a pat on the back for the amount of effort it took to hide their car. Pretty impressive. Why they are hiding their car, I have no idea…and may not even want to know. But in my opinion, the last place I’m going to “hide” my car is in a dilapidated alley in the South Side. Continue reading

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Bananas For The Steelers

It looks like the gorillas at the Pittsburgh Zoo are getting ready for this weekend’s Steelers AFC Championship game. They’ve got their Terrible Towels all ready to go. All they need now is one of those giant inflatable Steelers player yard decorations. Continue reading

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It’s A Bit Slippy Out There

It’s not winter in Pittsburgh without having to navigate ice and snow covered hilly streets. After watching this YouTube video (posted by ‘sean12772’) of cars sliding down Fallowfield Ave in Beechview on Tuesday morning I can’t believe that no one … Continue reading

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Pittsburg Po’Boy?

I happened to take a picture of the “June Specials” on a menu in a restaurant in Ohio yesterday. I’m not sure if I’m offended more by the misspelling of Pittsburgh, or the fact that it should probably say “Hoagie” or “Sammich” instead of Po’Boy. Continue reading

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Black & Gold & Orange

This cracked me up. A Steelers safety cone character. What else screams Pittsburgh more than black & gold and PennDOT orange?! Haha.

From Etsy seller EternalSunshine. Continue reading

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Airport Shenanigans!

Some girl made an impressive use of her down time at the Pittsburgh International Airport during Snowmaggedon 2010! A 10 hour layover during a blizzard = Shenanigans. Kind of reminds me of Tom Hanks in The Terminal Continue reading

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