Hello! We’re City Creative!

We are a couple of local Pittsburgh creatives who want to let the world know what PGH has to offer, as well as to keep us locals up on what’s happening around the city. As PGH creatives, we felt it was our obligation to reach out to the local (and world) community to spread the news about what is going on creatively in PGH. We have a vibrant art scene, on-going design innovation, amazing restaurants & food and world-class museums and galleries that often go unnoticed. Our mission in starting this blog is to help connect PGH creatives to one another and help PGH become a national, if not international, center for art, design and culture.

We try and credit all images that are not ours, so please…feel free to borrow our own images, just be sure to give us credit. Thanks.


jp avatar Jeffrey Perryjp

Hello all! I’m a native Yinzer who has been working as an industrial designer in town for the last decade. Along with trying to stay on top of PGH with this blog, I am one of the co-founders of Cenzo Design, a furniture design studio and fabrication shop in the South Side. Alongside my full plate of design work comes a helping of photography, a scoop of mountain biking, and a side dish of culinary magic. The pull of zombies, Primanti’s and East End Brewing have kept me in the city and makes it hard to ever want to leave.

mrm avatar Morgan McMullin – mrm

Salutations! I’m an Industrial Designer who loves to call Pittsburgh “home.” After moving away from the area for two years (way too long), I returned and helped start up Cenzo Design with JP himself! Within the mix of my Industrial Design education, I studied furniture design and sculpture in Indianapolis, IN. Indy was a cool town, but Pittsburgh is a special place to me. I, like Jeff, have a passion for food, biking (road and mountain), daring fun, history, happenings, people and fantastic design.