ReadyMade Burgh

ReadyMade PittsburghI just started reading through my new ReadyMade magazine that arrived in the mail yesterday and lo and behold, there is a whole page piece on page 28 about Pittsburgh (complete with the illustration above).  The short piece, written by ex-pat Casey Barber sums up her favorite spots in her hometown. Pick up the new ReadyMade and check it out.

*ReadyMade just informed us that the article is now online! Check it out here:

(Illustration by Andrew Holder, from ReadyMade)

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One Response to ReadyMade Burgh

  1. JP, glad you liked the piece! I try to give love back to Pittsburgh whenever possible, and ReadyMade has always been a big supporter of the ‘Burgh’s creative residents (they’ve covered The Waffle Shop and Yinz Yang in the past few months, and even have Revolve Designs in the current issue’s RM 100).

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