Maria de Buenos Aires

Quantum TheaterAs you can tell, we’re a little behind on posts, hence the deluge of activity today. But nevertheless, there are some great events going on in the Burgh right now. One of those being Quantum Theater‘s Maria de Buenos Aires. The show opened on March 25th, and runs through April 17th. I need to free up some time to go check this out!

Get tickets, show times and more info here.

The official press release:

Quantum Theatre–known for staging its shows in unique places that aren’t theatres–continues its 20th Anniversary Season with Astor Piazzolla’s poetic, musical story – the story of a woman, and the story of the tango.
Maria de Buenos Aires’ cradle lies on the banks of the delta of the Rio de la Plata, from which Argentine peasants and European emigrants bore her into the suburbs of Buenos Aires in the 19th century.  While waiting for their lot to improve, they combined the Argentinean milonga of the countryside with the Afro-American rhythms of the candombe, the Hispano-Cuban habanera, and various European dances to produce the multicultural tango, its unmistakable tonal colors created by the combination of bandoneon and strings.
Maria, like the tango she personifies, passes through various phases. Initially upwardly mobile as she progresses from the suburbs to nightclubs in the city center… she experiences her heyday in cabarets and bordellos; then her exploitation, exhaustion, decline and death; and spectacular rebirth.  All of this exists in the journey of Maria de Buenos Aires’protagonist against the backdrop of political turmoil Argentina experienced mid-20th century.
Music director Andres Cladera and stage director Karla Boos’ Maria De Buenos Aires will cater to all the senses, uniting expressive, live orchestral music, the passionate rhythm of the tango, a surreal spoken text by poet Horacio Ferrer, and a visual manifestation of  that poetry through video created by Pittsburgh’s renowned Joe Seamans.  Attack Theatre will perform the iconic tango, collaborating with Quantum as they have on great past projects Kafka’s Chimp and The Voluptuous Tango.  Carolina Loyola-Garcia (The Red Shoes) speaks the dramatic poetry in Spanish as the Duende (Goblin) character, mirrored by Karla Boos in English. Argentine mezzo Raquel Winnica sings Maria, Carlos Felicianothe ubiquitous Payador, and Buenos Aires bandoneon player Benjamin Bogart leads the ensemble of eight.  In Spanish and English, the work will be accessible to non-Spanish speakers; a special treat for Pittsburgh’s Spanish-speaking population.
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