Friday Night Musicals

If you’re looking to fill your Friday evening with music this week…you’re a very lucky person. There are two amazing musical acts coming to town and the only problem is that you can only pick one. I know…bummer.

First up is the amazing cellist Dave Eggar and his trio Deoro (which features Chuck Palmer on drums and bassist Tom Pirozzi) playing at The University of Pittsburgh’s Bellefield Hall at 8pm. All I can say is…wow, this guy is good. Oh…and the song ‘Itsbynne Reel’ from his Kingston Morning album has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement.

“Dave Eggar is well known to Pittsburgh audiences as the music director for Attack Theatre and has appeared worldwide as a solo cellist and pianist. A virtuoso of many musical styles, he has performed and recorded with artists in numerous genres including Evanescence, The Who, Michael Brecker, Josh Groban, Coldplay, Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Fall Out Boy, Dave Sanborn, Kathleen Battle, Ray Lamontagne, Roberta Flack, and many others.”

More info and tickets here.

Ever since I watched the documentary ‘Genghis Blues’ a few years ago I’ve been enthralled with Tuvan throat singing and the music of central Asia. Presented by Silk Screen, the world renown Huun Huur Tu bring their unique sound to the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh in Shadyside at 7:30pm.

“Huun Huur Tu come from the former Soviet Autonomous Republic of Tuva, a sparsely settled region of grasslands, boreal forests, and mountain ridges that lies 2,500 miles east of Moscow Russia, situated at the center of Asia, north of Mongolia. This indigenous music highlights rare instruments and preserves what is arguably some of the world’s oldest form of music making.”

More info and tickets here.

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