We Are All Workers

I’ve been anxious to see Levi’s new “Go Forth : Ready To Work” ad campaign featuring Braddock, PA. It’s been out for about a month, but I finally got to see the videos today. They are both chilling and inspiring. Unfortunately, I think most people around the country still believe this is what the entire city of Pittsburgh is like. Check out more videos:

Read the official press release from Levi’s here.


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One Response to We Are All Workers

  1. Jake Zigler says:

    Beautiful. I saw the first video before a few movies in theaters but it was a condensed version that did not mention Braddock, PA at all. It’s a huge surprise to realize now that what I was looking at was in fact right next to me. I’ve been somewhat enchanted by Braddock ever since I read an article about the mayor. I’d like to take my camera there some day and take some photos.

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