Take A Letter

Alexi Morrissey New Hazlett

Already have our tickets for this one! Presented by the New Hazlett Theater for 3 nights only (starting this Thursday night), “Take A Letter” is a new theater production conceived by Alexi Morrissey. If you head over to the event’s Facebook page, you can check out more photos of Alexi and the show’s mechanical-sculptural centerpiece.

From the New Hazlett:

“The new multi-media sculptural theater piece Take a Letter – created as artist-in-residence at the New Hazlett Theater – represents a culmination of several aspects of my artistic practice. As a performance, Take a Letter continues my ongoing interest in negotiating the intersection of public and private space: besides being an art performance that plays with the established mores of a theater venue, Take a Letter’s main character will execute street performances around the city during the days of the theatrical run. The result combines public art and street theater into a piece otherwise primarily performed in the public/private space of a venue.

The narrative of Take a Letter is a look into the lives of two characters, a man and a woman, whose onstage landscape is dominated by a massive, mysterious, and aesthetically beautiful sculptural object; an artwork that can also stand alone as an exhibited sculpture. The result is an artwork that works on multiple scales – from massive sculptural object to intimate two-person narrative.

Take a Letter explores issues of artistic frustration, the failures of language, and the ultimate struggles of power – over the self, and over others. Drawing on the influences of 20th-century masters such as George Orwell, T.S. Eliot, and Jack Kerouac, the performance imagines the price of communication in the modern world, and whether or not we are willing and able to pay them.

Perhaps most importantly, Take a Letter is a performance work that can be exported as an example of Pittsburgh’s thriving cultural life. The team behind the piece, its logistical direction, and its universal concept have all been specifically chosen to give it the dynamic mobility necessary to take this work to audiences around the country and around the world.”

May 27-29, 2010 – 8:00 pm (Doors at 7) $12

Click here for Tickets

And here for more info and directions:


(photo from “Take A Letter” Facebook)

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