That’s it for Neville Ice Arena

Pittsburgh Neville Ice Arena Fire 2010 South Side

Already beleaguered by it’s roof collapse from Snowmageddon , the abandoned Neville Ice Arena in the  South Side met it’s final demise early Sunday morning as a 3-alarm fire broke out around 2:30 am. We walked up the street Sunday to check out the damage, and it’s safe to say that it’s well beyond any chance of future development now. It was already a mess from years of use from squatters, drug dealers, graffiti artists and vandals. It’s a shame that what was once the Pittsburgh Penguins old practice facility is now nothing more than rubble. Hopefully the city can now turn it into a park or something useful.

Pittsburgh Neville Ice Arena Fire 2010 South Side-jp

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2 Responses to That’s it for Neville Ice Arena

  1. Shawn Gipperich says:

    This is a sad waste of a building. I don’t live in the Pittsburgh area, but have came to know this arena last summer by a friend who used to live on Pittsburgh’s South side. I tried to talk to the city, as I wanted to purchase and reopen it up as a multi use ice, and roller rink. I love ice, and roller skating, and have always wanted to own my own rink. The building’s shell may be gone, but however the refrigeration tubes in the concrete floor are still good, and I was thinking let’s just clear the building’s shell off the concrete slab, run new 3 phase power, add a new chiller system to hook up to the tubes, as well as dasher boards and lighting, and presto we have an outdoor ice rink in the park. During the summer, and spring, we can add sport court flooring and then turn it into an outdoor roller skating rink, or heck even add sand and have a volley ball court, and in fall/winter we add ice again. Even thought the shell is burnt and damaged, the concrete slab floor is not, and yes to have a special concrete floor poured for a ice rink is like the 2nd most expensive thing next to your refrigeration chiller to make the ice. I think it would be cool to see outdoor youth hockey played in the south side area on the Neville spot. What do ya all think??? Feel free to let me know. Shawn.

  2. jp says:

    Well, unfortunately it’s all gone…the city demolished the structure and foundation, trucked out every last piece and turned the entire lot into a big patch of dirt. I actually live nearby and routinely walk my dog past it so I got to watch the entire demolition process. It would make a great park if the city chose to fund its development. Most likely it will just sit there for years.

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