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We just found out that we have some regular readers from the UK, and we’re pretty excited. Who knew? But I guess that’s why they call it the World Wide Web. Anyway, to send back a little internet love we’d like to share something they’ve been working on over there. It’s called “Substop”and it’s a short (1 minute) film. In fact it’s “a short film about a guy with a pen.”

The British short, realized by the Bosnian / Vietnamese duo Denis Leo Hegic & Thuan Te, is a super 8 comment on “waiting” and was entered into the short film competition announced by Social Designer and Felissimo NYC. (We wish them luck!) “The project as a whole starts with the launch of the short film and is developing into further designs – all turning around time and perception of time.”

Watch the film and learn more about the project at


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One Response to SubStop

  1. ZERSTÖRER says:

    Way to go. Awesome to see you’ve gone “global”. Now we need to get to work on our great short film. 😉

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