Giant Eagle = Big Brother ?


If you live in Pennsylvania you know about the on-going debate over selling beer in grocery stores. An article popped up on Boing Boing yesterday discussing a trial-run in certain Giant Eagles and the controversial zero-tolerance policy they’ve implemented to scan your indentification card, which in turn stores invaluable information that can be used for identity theft crimes.

From Boing Boing:

“At Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh, every single customer, without exception, is required to scan their ID in this device, the Z22 CounterTop Id Checker. I asked at the store if they could simply type in my date of birth into the system, and they said no. I raised privacy concerns and was told that “if you want your beer, you scan your ID.” Their policy is not to check 100% of IDs, it is to scan 100% of the IDs. Therein lies a problem: there is much more than my date of birth on my ID.”

“I called the Giant Eagle corporate office and was met with friendly assurance that they only collect and store this information to ‘protect themselves’ from lawsuits. I requested that they call me back and tell me what information they actually store and have not heard back from them. I think they are afraid to tell me what they keep, so I thought I would look into it myself.”

“Name, number, DOB, billing address … just enough information to facilitate identity theft should the data not be properly secured. A person with a gripe, someone in financial trouble who knows the value of the information, or an outside data breach would do the trick. If you store the information, it will come out.”

Read the entire article here: Labeling the consumer: how mindless ID-scanning can hurt customers


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2 Responses to Giant Eagle = Big Brother ?

  1. Thanks for a awesome post and interesting comments. I found this post while searching for some music events. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. RedMoon says:

    So glad I don’t drink anymore… no one would want my credit rating anyway.

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