Grateful for Gratitude!

Do you know what this Saturday is? It’s Gratitude 2009 Release Day @ East End Brewing!!!And it’s also one of my favorite beer labels ever (hand-wrapped paper labels with wax sealed top…gorgeous)! I haven’t had a barleywine since a Gratitude 2008 about a year ago, so I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2009.

They’ll be selling (for ONE day only):

1. Gratitude 2009 ($18) (Actually, they’ll have this one for a while)
2. Woodel Nickel 5th Anniversary Saison ($15+3 deposit)
3. Possibly some Gratitude of older vintages ($tbd)
4. Possibly some “dirty label” Gratitude of older vintages ($tbd)
5. But generally, Gratitude 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 will only be available in these Stacked Vertical packs:

Three-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

  • 3 bottles of Gratitude 2009
  • 2 bottles of Gratitude 2008
  • 1 bottle  of Gratitude 2007

Four-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

  • 4 bottles of Gratitude 2009
  • 3 bottles of Gratitude 2008
  • 2 bottles of Gratitude 2007
  • 1 bottle  of Gratitude 2006

Five-year “Stacked Vertical” is…

  • 5 bottles of Gratitude 2009
  • 4 bottles of Gratitude 2008
  • 3 bottles of Gratitude 2007
  • 2 bottles of Gratitude 2006
  • 1 bottle  of Gratitude 2005

Brewery door opens at 12 noon! Get in line!

Get all your release day info right here!


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