RIP I.D. Magazine

I’m just not having any luck with magazine publications this year.  Just two months ago we received our final issue of Gourmet magazine in the mail. The last issue ever after Conde Nast decided to pull the plug on the 68 year old magazine (I still don’t know how we’ll manage without the monthly influx of top notch food, writing and photography of what was our favorite magazine). And now today, another one of my favorite subscriptions, I.D. Magazine has kicked the bucket! The 55 year old bible of design publications is to be no more. Another giant to fall in the wake of the recession and the ever-threatening rise of digital media. I’m all for digital text (in some instances) but there’s something about the ephemeral nature of print and the feeling of flipping through physical pages that can never be simulated with an electronic screen.

Here’s the official press release from F+W Media:

December 15, 2009

To Readers, Advertisers and Friends of I.D. Magazine:

Since 1954, I.D. Magazine has served as one of America’s leading critical magazines covering the art, business, and culture of design. Today it is with regret that we announce its closure. The January/February issue of I.D. will be its last; subscribers to I.D. will receive Print magazine for the balance of their subscription.

Ceasing publication of an iconic brand like I.D. is never an easy decision, but there are several forces that have worked against its sustainability. Certainly the downturn in print advertising has contributed to this decision, but other factors include the fragmentation and specialized information needs of I.D.’s core readers (product designers) and the plethora of information resources available to them–some for free (online and B2B) and others that are highly specialized and targeted to specific industries served.

F+W Media will to continue producing the I.D. Annual Design Review, its flagship international product design competition, in an expanded fashion online. This new web initiative will feature not only 2010’s winners but will catalog thousands of notable entries from past competitions. Going forward, in addition to the I.D. Annual Design Review, F+W Media’s Design Group is comprised of the award-winning HOW and Print brands–magazines, books, events, and competitions serving the information needs of graphic designers in all media.

We thank the entire I.D. community, past and present–staffers, contributors, readers, and advertisers–for their support of the magazine throughout its 55-year history.


Gary Lynch
Publisher & Editorial Director
F+W Media Design Community

So sad to see you go. What a bummer.


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  1. I’m not sure if I agree with everything written but this was definitely informative and well-written.

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