Behind Our Scenes

Tomorrow night is the opening reception for BEHIND OUR SCENES at SPACE Gallery downtown. I’m excited to see this show because of the unique premise behind it. It’s an opportunity for those that make a living promoting other artist’s work to step out from behind the curtain and have their own work be the center of the show. First time curators Nicole Rosato and Laura Mustio said they “wanted to turn the museum/gallery inside out and showcase the talent of the artists that work behind the scenes of these art establishments”.

“Behind Our Scenes is a survey of the talent that lies behind the gallery walls and exhibition spaces of Pittsburgh’s art establishments. From Curator to Customer Service Representative, the 34 artists featured in the show spend their 9-5’s putting other artists’ work in the spotlight. Participating artists are employed by Carnegie Museum of Art, Future Tenant, Fe Arts Gallery, Mattress Factory, The Andy Warhol Museum, and Wood Street Galleries”.

The 34 artists exhibiting are directly involved in Pittsburgh’s current art scene not only through their jobs, but by being local working artists as well. And wide range of work, from painting to drawing to sculpture, video, printmaking, fiber art and more show the diversity in art that is present in that art scene.

The show opens tomorrow night , the 11th ,  and runs through February 13.

Opening Reception 6:00 – 10:00

Music by:

Meeting of Important People @ 7 pm

DJ Mary Mack @ 7:30 pm

SPACE Gallery is located @ 812 Liberty Ave, Downtown in the Cultural District


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