Best and Brightest!

Congratulations to two local Pittsburgh companies, ClearCount Medical Solutions and Bright Innovation, for being featured in Popular Science’s Best Of What’s New 2009 as having one of the top 100 innovations of the year, “The SmartSponge System”! It’s just one more example of the great innovation taking place in the Burgh.

ClearCount worked with design firm Bright Innovation in developing the Smart Sponge system. The SmartSponge system provides an invaluable service in operating rooms, with the potential to save lives and costly errors. After soaking up blood during a surgery, ClearCount’s SmartSponges alert medical staff before they can be accidentally sewn up inside a patient after surgery. The table-side scanner keeps track of the location of the RFID tag securely embedded in the sponges and counts how many have gone into the patient. Once the doctor and staff finish the operation, they simply wave the RFID wand over the patient to ensure that they’re sponge-free.

Find out more about the design process on the award-winning product at Bright Innovation’s website here!


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  1. Thanks for the mention JP!

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