Cookies for Everyone!

It’s time to get your cookie on! Today marks the start of the Lawrenceville holiday cookie tour! Lawrenceville merchants will serve up tasty samples of cookies to visitors during the tenth annual Joy Of Cookies Cookie Tour, Thursday December 3 through Sunday December 6, 2009, at participating stores along Butler Street, Penn Avenue, 43rd, 44th, and Hatfield Streets.

“Merchants invite visitors to experience the many fabulous, independently-owned shops, galleries, and boutiques that offer a range of unique, eclectic, and handcrafted treasures perfect for gift giving. The tour offers the “un-mall” experience for discerning shoppers who don’t want to settle for unoriginal gifts: extraordinary and rare items to please every age and style, cookie sampling, and eateries that offer great food and a place to relax, all among the historic, artistic, friendly neighborhood feel of Lawrenceville. While shopping, visitors can nibble on samples of home-baked cookies at 21 different shops and take home free recipes for their own baking. Cookies will be baked by Bernadette Ogurchak of Heaven’s Scent Pastries.”

For a map of all the participating shops in Lawrenceville, click here!


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