It’s Spelled Roethlisberger

There was a great Pittsburgh-related article on everyone’s favorite parody news network, The Onion yesterday. Ever try and spell Roethlisberger? The parody new story plays on the fact that it’s such a hard word to spell and our insane love of everything Steelers.

“If you ask me if I would rather hire a kid from Boston with a 4.0 GPA who puts a ‘u’ after the ‘b’ in Roethlisberger, or a kid who can spell the name correctly, I’m going to hire the kid who can spell Roethlisberger,” said Pittsburgh attorney Martin Snyder, adding that clients in Southwestern Pennsylvania appreciate, above all, a lawyer with a working knowledge of how to spell the names of the entire 2005 Super Bowl team. “Anyone can go to law school and pass a bar exam, but knowing that there is a silent ‘h’ after the ‘w’ in Cowher? Well, that takes somebody special.”

“If you look at the data, our students were correctly spelling Roethlisberger only 43 percent of the time during the quarterback’s rookie season,” said Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who called the 2004 statistic an embarrassment. “In just five years, we have increased that number to 92 percent. That’s 54 percent better than students in California, 35 percent better than those in Oklahoma, and 96 percent better than those in the Cleveland area, who tend to spell Roethlisberger by adding the letters ‘u,’ ‘c,’ and ‘k’ after the letter ‘s.'”

“The bottom line is the Pittsburgh school system is giving its students a leg up on the competition, not only in America, but throughout the world,” Ravenstahl added. “Our kids correctly spelled Roethlisberger 12 times more often than all the students in Europe and Asia combined.”

To read the entire hilarious article, click here!


(image  from The Onion)

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