Root Down Rewind

Last night’s ROOT cocktail making contest was a “spiritful” night out downtown. The local bartenders (from Bossa Nova, SOBA, Firehouse Lounge, Embery, Yo Rita and more) shook, stirred and poured the night away at Bossa Nova making some fanciful cocktail creations. The drinks included glassware from tall to small, and varied ingredients from ginger root to nutmeg to chocolate syrup. The judges, which included Rick Sebak of WQED TV, Liz Fetchin of Pittsburgh Magazine and Craig Mrusek of Dr. Bamboo, really seemed to enjoy all the drinks throughout the evening.

We sampled the different ROOT cocktails that were on the bar’s drink menu for the evening. All in all, ROOT makes a great mixer with a wide range of ingredients. While the Hard Candy cocktail (mixed with buttershots and soda) was too sweet for our tastes, The Root Squared (mixed with root beer) was delightfully refreshing. I can’t remember the name of my other drink unfortunately, but it was mixed with Myers rum and lemonade…Awesome! Depending on your mixers, the liqueur is great for summertime sipping or warming up a winter’s night. We can’t wait to get a bottle and experiment at home. And of course, what’s not to like about all the free food last night too. From quesadillas to sushi to some sort of crab ball things…excellent. Thanks to Bossa Nova for hosting this cool event, and thanks to ROOT for sponsoring it.

And click on the link to find out more about ROOT  liqueur. 



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4 Responses to Root Down Rewind

  1. Mark Toppins says:

    Who won?

  2. jp says:

    Sorry. I did some lousy reporting and forgot to get the name of the winner. However….I just got the info for you….

    The winning bartender was Alana Bly from The Firehouse Lounge. And her winning drink was:

    Root Champerelle

    1 oz Root
    1 oz Yellow Chartreuse
    1 oz Courvosier
    1 oz Orange Curacao
    1/2 oz lemon
    1/2 oz simple syrup
    Lemon twist for garnish

  3. Mark Toppins says:

    Thanks! We will have to go check this cocktail out it sounds delicious.

  4. EPIC site! I’m so happy I wandered here through yahoo. oing to need to add another one to the list…

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