Warhol and The Baldwin Bros

I just read this hilarious report about a couple of crooked art dealers trying to pawn off some fake Warhol’s last Wednesday in Utah. The allegedly original and signed Warhol prints were of Mathew Baldwin, one of the brothers of Alec, Stephen, William and Daniel Baldwin (the famous actors). Only problem is, there is no Mathew Baldwin. Not to mention that they were signed and dated 1996.  Andy Warhol died in 1987.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

“Andy Warhol didn’t create pictures of Alec Baldwin’s nonexistent brother. And he sure wouldn’t have done it when he was dead. But two Utahns, a 65-year-old Cottonwood Heights man and a 29-year-old woman from Saratoga Springs, were charged Wednesday with trying to sell similar pieces of fake art to a collector by passing them off as real.

According to charging documents, the couple agreed to sell another man six Andy Warhol art pieces for $100,000 in February 2008. The man was told that the subject of the art was Mathew Baldwin, purportedly one of the brothers in the family of actors. The pieces were signed and dated 1996.

After giving the couple a down payment of $25,000, the man took the art to an appraiser in California. The appraiser informed the man the art was fake because there was no Mathew in the famous Baldwin family. He also pointed out that the signatures were forged because Warhol died in 1987, charging documents state.

Both are charged with theft by deception and communications fraud, second-degree felonies. They also face six third-degree felony charges of forgery.” …Read the rest of the story here.

In a way, I don’t feel as bad as I should for the guy who is out $25,ooo. I mean, seriously? If you are into art enough to spend 25k, you should know enough to do some research. I mean, I do comparison shopping for a 2.99 gallon of soy milk!
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