Pittsburgh Left

I was surprised to find out today that the “Pittsburgh Left” actually has an entry in Wikipedia.

It is defined as follows: “The Pittsburgh Left is a colloquial term for an illegal and controversial driving practice associated with thePittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. It refers to the practice of the first left-turning vehicle taking precedence over vehicles going straight through an intersection.”

While anyone from or living in PGH knows what it is, it’s neat to see it actually defined as an encyclopedic entry. Although the definition it’s given makes it sound like a horrible traffic offense worth ticketing. It’s even in the “hazardous motor vehicle activities” category. But we all know it’s just Pittsburghers showing off our well-natured, small town big city demeanor. And it’s not something you’re taught. I think it just comes naturally. It’s just how we drive ’round here!


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2 Responses to Pittsburgh Left

  1. Greg Mallek says:

    It IS a horrible traffic offense worth ticketing, and if you want to know how dangerous it is, just ask Ben Roethlisberger, who almost died on his motorcycle in an accident caused by a Pittsburgh Left.

    • jp says:

      I think I remember hearing that the woman that hit Big Ben was actually from Cleveland….so that may explain some things. 🙂

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