East End Brewing’s REVERSE KEG RIDE 2009!

This Saturday is my favorite local brewery’s first annual “Reverse” Keg Ride! East End Brewing has been doing their annual Keg Ride for few a years now. The ride entails hauling the first few kegs of their Pedal Pale Ale from the brewery to a local tap-spot to help spread the word about what it means to operate an environmentally sustainable brewery. Each year the number of accompanying riders seems to double, with a total of 500 registered earlier this year for the spring ride. This saturday will be the first time they will take the empty keg on a ride back to the brewery, hence the “reverse” part of the ride, marking the end of the season for Pedal Pale Ale.

And they’re also turning it into something more than just riding for your favorite beer. They are suggesting a $5 per person donation for this event with 100% of the proceeds will go to our two charities: Bike Pittsburgh and The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. What a great way to get some exercise, enjoy some local brews and support great local organizations.

Oh and as an added bonus…everyone who rides along to help return the kegs to the brewey is invited to a special tasting: The official debut of  SNOW MELT WINTER ALE right at the source! One of my faves!!!

  • Date: Saturday November 21st, 2009
  • Time: Brunch at OTB (southside on Carson)@10am-noon, Registration 10am-Noon, Departure :Noon O’clock sharp!, Arrival: maybe between 1 and 2pm
  • Starting Point: OTB Bicycle Cafe
  • Destination: East End Brewing Co.
  • Distance: Somewhere around 7 miles.
  • Pace: Gentle.  They are pulling kegs (duh)

For all other info, head to East End Brewing’s website. And if you haven’t been to East End Brewing, it’s one of those great hidden places in PGH you just gotta check out. (New Friday growler hours too…4 to 8pm!!!)


(*photos from East End Brewing)

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