“Next” Design Competition

Social Designer

Here’s a great industrial design competition from the design/social networking site SocialDesigner.com.

“The creator of Social Designer, Felissimo is a subscription based clothing and household goods company from Japan who believes that good design promotes happiness, well-being, and adds value to everyday life. The 500 Colored Pencils product introduces their subscription model to the world. Every month a set of 25 pencils is delivered to the purchaser; like a gift that reveals itself slowly over time, the full set of pencils is acquired over a period of 20 months. For every 100 boxes of pencils sent to subscribers Felissimo donates one set to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center initiative, an arts education program run by Felissimo and UNESCO to empower under-privileged children around the world through creative expression.”

You, the designer, are to come up with the “next” product that will be introduced into their subscription based service. Aside from the great design exercise and the noteriety among your peers, why should you enter? Well, the  winner(s) get to choose between $1500 in cash or 5% royalty on sales of the product. In addition, Felissimo will donate $500 to the UNESCO/Tribute 21 DREAM Center program.

The overview is as follows:

This “next product” should:
a) be a monthly subscription (i.e. a product or product series that is delivered every month over a period of months)
b) be a product that delivers an inspiring array of colors.
c) have a socially-minded and/or an environmentally-friendly element or value to it. This can be expressed in any of the following: concept, function, design, materials, production, or message. The product can be geared toward personal use or wear, home or surroundings, or as a tool for creativity.

For the full scoop and registration go to SocialDesigner.com

So, get you creative juices flowing and get designing!


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