Starbucks Lights Up Green

While I’m not a fan of Starbucks coffee, preferring local alternatives like Big Dog and 21st St coffees, it’s always great to hear when mega-chain retailers do something good for the environment. Starbucks will be replacing conventional light bulbs with more efficient LED lighting in 8000 stores. The LED light swap will cut energy consumption by about 7% at each store, and is part of the their goal to cut total energy consumption by 25% by the end of 2010.

And of course Starbucks couldn’t just grab the “off the shelf” LEDs. The new lights will be a special design from General Electric that meets the aesthetic and design criteria of the chain. Starbucks may not be the greenest company around (they waste 6 million of gallons of water every day), but hey, at least they’re trying.

Read more about the switch over at


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