Misfits Sunday

Misfits Pittsburgh 10-18-09

While I’ve been a Misfits fan for years, for some odd reason I’ve never been able to get to a show. Sad. Truly sad. I know (Although I did catch a spectacularly intimate acoustic performance with ex-lead singer Michael  Graves last year at The Smiling Moose). But fortunately I finally got to my first Misfits show this past Sunday at The Altar Bar in the Strip, and it was everything I expected.  And there was no mistaking this show was in PGH either, as it seemed almost like a Steelers victory afterparty with the jerseys in the crowd. There’s no way I could remember all the songs they played, but just about every Misfits song is a favorite of any fan so it doesn’t quite matter. From the earliest classics We Are 138 and Skulls, to the late ’90s Helena and Dig Up Her Bones, and even their two newest songs (to be released later this month) they fiendishly ripped through the set in the full Misfits speed.

One of the things that really impressed me was after the show ended. Jerry Only selfishly signed coutless autographs and posed for photos while the crew behind him tore down the stage. This is how you build a loyal army of fans through 30 years and counting. Young bands take note.

Misfits Jerry Only Pittsburgh 10-18-09

And speaking of young bands…Local punk band Code Orange Kids opened to a full house before the Misfits came on. Never hearing them before, I would definitely like to check them out again and pick up an album too. Great energy and great set. It’s great that a local band, whose members combined ages are probably only slightly more than Jerry Only’s age, got to open for such a music legend.

Code Orange Kids

You can check out more on both bands at their websites:


Code Orange Kids


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1 Response to Misfits Sunday

  1. BSH says:

    Totally wish I could’ve been at that show, looks like it was awesome! Thanks for the rad post!

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