Warhol Meets Fairey

Shepard Fairey Obama

Finally. The much anticipated Shepard Fairey exhibition Supply and Demand is opening at the Warhol tomorrow night. Being one of my favorite artists, I’ve been waiting for this show since I first heard  it announced a good while back. Featuring over 20 years of the Fairey’s work in various media  (illustrations, screen prints, collages, works of wood, metal and canvas) this all encompassing exhibition is definitely not to be missed. While he’s now most recognized by the general public for the vote-swaying HOPE image of Obama, Fairey has been around for, I guess it’s 2 decades now (wow I feel old). While he got his start in guerrilla street art, he’s kind of fallen into limbo because of his fame. His own quip too corporate for the street artists and too street for the corporate people” explains it best. His art has always been on the top of my list for its use of  striking visuals and bold social and political statements. You can say a lot with a powerful yet simple image and Fairey is one of the best.

Catch the opening reception Saturday night. There is an artist talk from 6-7, but I’m imagining it’s already sold out.

Opening reception 7-10pm $20 / $15 student and CMP members

Featuring world famous DJ Z-Trip, Shepard Fairey and DJ Justin Hopper of Pittsburgh’s Vipers Soul Club and PANDEMIC. Lite bites, beer provided by Ninkasi Brewing Co. and a cash bar.

And don’t miss the afterparty (included with your ticket) :

@ Artists Image Resource (AIR), 518 Foreland St., Northside
10 pm – midnight with a guest DJ, beer and lite bites, in the Artists Image Resource studios.

And there are actually two other new exhibit openings going on as well at the Warhol.

SuperTrash features 150 film posters, ranging from ephemera to giant 3-sheets, representing the 1940’s – ‘80’s.

Unnatural Rubber, sponsored by the LANXESS Corporation, showcases the work of 15 contemporary international artists to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the invention of synthetic rubber.

(photo credit : supertouchart.com)


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