Mr. Smalls Funhouse

Mr. Smalls Funhouse

It seems as of late that Mr. Smalls Funhouse has become the new Metropol. And while admittedly I’ve never been there (due to their location and that weird “not crossing rivers to hang out in other neighborhoods”  PGH phenomenon) I really need to get there to see a show. I’ve procrastinated getting tickets to shows because of the location, and have missed shows like Wu-Tang, The Misfits, Grace Potter, Snoop Dog, Derek Trucks and many more. I think that needs to stop. (Although for the record, I did by tickets to the Bassnectar show last November and it got canceled)

I’ve always checked their site for upcoming shows, at least for the past year or so. And while it always seemed that most of the acts playing there were somewhat unknown fringe bands, they are definitely pulling in a stream of national big name acts on a consistent basis now. Starting tonight with the sold out They Might Be Giants show, there are definitely a few shows coming up I’d like to hit.

10.16 TMBG

10.21 Shooter Jennings

10.22 Galactic

10.25 Keller Williams

11.19 Umphrey’s McGee

12.7 Arctic Monkeys

12.11 Donna The Buffalo

12.29 Lotus

And while this is just what fits my musical tastebuds, there’s plenty more coming. Just check out their listings at


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