Pittsburgh Named #1 Sports Town In US

Pittsburgh has been named the #1 sports town in the US and Canada by the Sporting News. The yearly rankings are comprised of a list of 399 cities and based on a variety of factors from the number of sports teams and their records, playoff berths, bowl appearances and tournament bids, championships, power ratings, attendance, fan fervor and more. My only question is how did the Pirates not negate the rest of the teams’ stellar performances? But seriously…Pittsburgh sports fans know that we are always the #1 sports town in America regardless of polls and rankings, and we will graciously accept the official title. It’s also nice to see a small market town get the title when you see that since 2001 the recipients have only been Boston, Chicago, Detroit, NY and LA.

From the Sporting News:

It was, as a famous Pittsburgher liked to say, a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The world champion Steelers were kicking off their title defense against the Titans. The world champion Penguins were down in D.C., Stanley Cup in tow, to meet the president. Native son Dave Wannstedt was at practice on the South Side, preparing his unbeaten Pitt football team for the weekend’s win at Buffalo.

That was September 10, 2009, and here’s how beautiful it was in this year’s Best Sports City: Pittsburgh’s Pirates did not—repeat, did not—lose that day. (So it was an off-day. Beauty is in the eye of the long-suffering beholder, OK?)

“It’s been quite a year in Pittsburgh, with the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup and our local college football and basketball teams having successful seasons as well,” Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says. “Sports fans in Western Pennsylvania have had a lot to be proud of these last 12 months. Pittsburgh truly is the City of Champions once again.”

Read the rest of the article at The Sporting News.


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