World Zombie Day

World Zombie Day Zombie Fest

Get out your makeup, fake blood (we hope) and favorite bloody props. It’s time to get your shamble on.

Zombie Fest is upon us once again at the Monroeville Mall this Sunday the 11th, brought to us by the folks at The It’s Alive Show. Zombie Fest runs from 2-6pm and includes live bands and entertainment, celebrity appearances, the Zombie Olympics, brain eating contest and ugly pageant.

The 4th annual Zombie Walk of the Dead starts at 6pm. The walk takes place inside Monroeville Mall, which you should all know is where George Romero filmed the Dawn of the Dead in 1977.

And at 7pm, the Zombie Ball will be happening at Houlihan’s.  The no-cover event features music and drink specials as well as a guitar giveaway.

While there is no fee to register for the walk or other events, you must sign in so that you can be counted for the Guinness Book record attempt. And don’t forget that the event benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. So bring your non-perishable food donations too!h



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