Pop Go The Arts

There’s an excellent and important article up on Pop City about the business side of art in PGH, especially when venerable arts organizations such as the Brew House Association are being threatened with extinction.

From Pop City:

“The non-profit arts and culture industry in Allegheny County generates $341 million in economic activity —$230.7 million by the organizations themselves and an additional $110.7 million in event related spending by audiences. In addition, the industry supports over 10,192 full-time equivalent jobs and $33.7 million in local and state government tax revenues.

Artists, around the world recognize Pittsburgh as an ideal location to work, live, study, and create. The affordable cost of living and high quality of life allow artists to experiment, and transform spaces. Lawrenceville and Southside neighborhoods now thrive with artist studios, design firms, and independent stores. Homestead and Braddock—once solid steel towns— now employ the arts as a catalyst for economic development and garner widespread international attention. On Pittsburgh’s Northside, inventive partnerships among cultural organizations are having an impact on non-profit institutional advancement, neighborhood revitalization, public and private ventures, artistic and design excellence and community development.”

Read the full article here…


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