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Adam Perry fotographs of bones

We’re going to be rolling out some new guest bloggers over the next few weeks and months to better cover every angle we can, as well as provide different perspectives on PGH.  And in a blatant display of nepotism (sorry) I want to introduce our first guest blogger, Adam Perry.

It’s hard to pin down an exact description on this multi-faceted guy…writer, poet, music journalist, traveler, musician, brother, die-hard PGH sports fan…so we’ll just stick to the simple bio format.

Adam is a transplanted PGH native currently residing in Boulder, CO by way of San Francisco, CA. Currently finishing up studies in writing and literature at Naropa University, his newest collection of poetry “Fotographs of Bones” was released earlier this year by Monkey Puzzle Press. Adam is also a music journalist for Denver Westword and Boulder Weekly and maintains a corresponding blog of his reviews and in depth music interviews, Beautiful Buzz. Nepotism aside…this is one talented guy when it comes to putting pen to paper, or I guess in this age, fingers to keyboard. We’re glad to have him aboard for the occasional out-of-town view of PGH, and we hope you’ll enjoy his insight as well.

You can check out a few sample pages from “Fotographs of Bones”  here.

And if you’re into in-depth music interviews, show reviews and music insight from bands ranging anywhere from Ween to Bob Weir to the Flaming Lips to Sonic Youth, Garrison Keillor, Ani DiFranco and more check out Adam’s blog at Beautiful Buzz.


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