Harvest Time

Acamedy of the South Side Harvest

I’ve seen the flyers up for Harvest and have been anticipating this show since I first saw them.  Tonight’s opening event is an evening of art and music celebrating local Pittsburgh talent and we can’t wait to check it out. The show highlights work from The Academy of the South Side and there will be 8 artists in all: Shervin Iranshahr, Tim Meehan, Dan Vogel, Phil Seth, Yvonne Kozlina, Jason Angst, Monika McAndrew, and Ryan Yee.  Along with lots of new work, some of the paintings that will be shown tonight have been in the works for years, so they’re all really excited about this event.

The show is in conjunction with the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative’s First Friday celebration, Unblurred, and is at 5020 Penn (by the corner of Penn and Winebiddle/ near Spak Bros).  So if you’re out on Penn tonight checking out the other galleries, be sure to stop in.

Harvest details:
Opening: Friday, September 4th, 7-11PM
Music by DJ outfit Tracksploitation

Closing: Friday, September 18th, 7-11PM
Live Turkish music and belly dancing

Address: 5020 Penn Ave (15224)


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