Handmade Arcade!!!


In recent years, I have not made it to Handmade Arcade. I had hoped to make it this year, however, it looks like the organization is in need of a space in which to have the glorious market this year. I had heard it might not come to fruition, but if you, or someone you happen to know has the space to accommodate this great local creatives event, please contact the group at info@handmadearcade.com.

Specific needs include:

(Taken directly from an email sent from those whom run the Handmade Arcade).


At least 25,000 square feet of clean, open space – ideally up to 30-35,000 square feet (last year, our venue accomodated 9,000 people over two days in about 35,000 square feet of space)
Negotiable rental rate

Our preferred characteristics:
On-site restrooms
Parking or convenient access via public transportation
Additional accessible outlets
Availability to serve food

Possible Dates:
Sat/Sun November 14-15
Sat/Sun November 21-22
Sat/Sun December 12-13

We are open to the idea of making this year’s event a one-day event.
The venue should be in the city limits.

—– Handmade Arcade website——

The email also mentioned that if they didn’t settle a space prior to the end of August, it would probably not happen. Maybe one of you – dear readers – can help to make this event not only happen, but also make it great!

Thanks everyone!



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