Baby High-Tech

4 moms

Pittsburgh, the home of generations of innovation, is now the home of some of the most innovative baby products on the market. 4 Moms has taken technological innovation and transformed some of the most basic everyday products into “baby high-tech” to make life easier for both parent and child. 4 Moms, the name spawned from the original product focus group, was formed by Rob Daley and Henry Thorn in 2005. And while they have a few products already available for purchase, the two designs that I feel are really going to put them on the map aren’t available for retail until this fall. The “Origami” stroller (which folds down and back up automatically) and the “mamaRoo” bouncer seat (with rocking motion like your baby’s never been rocked before!) are wonderful achievements in user-centered design, ergonomics and engineering. For the full magnitude of how cool these products really are, head to their website to watch the demonstration videos. I think having any of these as a child may be a precursor to growing up an industrial designer!

Check out their entire product offering here:


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