Alien Attack


Unfortunately in 1979, I was 2 years old and not exactly ready for viewing Alien at the theater. Fortunately for me Regent Square Theater is screening the 30th Anniversary Print of Alien. It’s running from September 4th through the 9th. A classic in sci-fi cinema, the beginning of a lucrative franchise and the film that helped introduce H.R. Giger’s surrealist artwork to the masses, Alien was one of the movies that started my interest in the sci-fi and horror genres. There have been many knock-offs, stolen plot lines and hijacked scenes, but this still remains one of the best sci-fi films out there. So for all of you too young to have seen it when it was originally released, or for some strange oddity have never seen it, check it out next week. “In space, no one can hear you scream”… but they definitely can in the theater!

And you can also check out the schedule of rest of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers theater network here:


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