Moonshine and Skytoffee


I don’t know about you, but I am under the impression that The New Hazlett Theater is the place to see new, well written, independent, entertaining shows. For the new, worldly, Blue Mango, this sentiment doesn’t just apply, but the Pittsburgh based theater team is performing their first show, “Moonshine and Skytoffee” this weekend and we are in deep anticipation!  Blue Mango’s website (here) describes the new production as such:

“…written in the 1940s and set in southern India. While the first story deals with the affection of a young and hard-working man for his landlord’s unemployed daughter, the second explores the courtship of Zainaba, a tea shop owner, by the lovable pickpocket, Mandan Muthapa. Watching it all is the unforgettable character of Ottakannan Pokker, Zainaba’s one-eyed card-sharping father. Both these stories play themselves out with unexpected twists and turns, all laced with sparkling wit and irrepressible humor. This play was adapted by Rajiv Krishnan and ran to more than 200 sold-out shows across India.”

If you are looking for a little something… “off the beaten path” to do this weekend, you should check it out! Advanced tickets are 10$ for students (with valid ID) and 15$ for general admission. The admission price will be a bit more at the door, so get your tickets now!

To read Pop City Media’s review, click here.

To visit the Blue Mango website, see the link above or click here.



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