Artists Needed!!! Group Art Studio!!!

Lawrenceville Artists Needed

We’re always looking to help out fellow creatives in PGH (it’s one of our missions), so we’re more than happy to post this link for Laura who is trying to get an artist collective together in Lawrenceville. If the following interests you, see the link below to get in touch with her.

“I am looking to organize a group of visual artists to share a commercial space in Lawrenceville as a studio. It will be a communal space where we can inspire each other to create and display our work. There is potential to host artistic sessions, workshops and openings for friends and the community. Approximately $100/person/month. The space is a street level commercial space with large windows, high tin ceilings, back room with concrete floors, back patio and yard, parking. No photographers or large scale sculptors at this time.”

“Looking to have 10-15 people committed by end of September. Space will be renovated upon commitment. ”

If you, or someone you know is interested, please contact Laura for more information at her Craigslist posting:

Good luck and let us know when we can come by for your first show!!!


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