Zombie Attack…Courtesy of the BBC

Night of The Living Dead

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Ok…for anyone that knows me, and being a native Pittsburgher and film lover, you know I love zombies like 15 year old boys love Pam Anderson. But a report I just read from the BBC (via Treehugger) scares me….in a “sci-fi most likely will never happen anyway” kind of way. But…you never know

According to a new BBC study, scientists and mathematicians determined that an attack from the rising undead, AKA zombies, would “lead to the collapse of civilization unless dealt with quickly and aggressively.” I think Obama needs to appoint a Zombie Czar to deal with the possibility of the rising of the dead. I think finding a way to stop the undead masses hungry for brains is more important than the Cash for Clunkers program to be honest. Alright, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but have you seen how fast those zombies are in 28 days later? Scary fast.

Fortunately, well, maybe even scarier actually, is the fact that the study wasn’t to deal with actual zombies, but a scenario to model an epidemic plague that would be caused by a rapidly spreading infectious disease. The kind forseen with rising temperatures due to global warming. That’s right. Keep using those Styrofoam cups and you’re going to be partly responsible for the zombie plague. Well, maybe not. But it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Find out more at the BBC


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2 Responses to Zombie Attack…Courtesy of the BBC

  1. Tibi says:

    The bad guys in “28 Days Later” were not zombies, but extremely pissed off people (read, inoculated with the virus of pure rage). That’s why the title, it takes them about 28 days to die of hunger, since the rage in them prevents them from doing anything else besides being enraged — and, somehow, having enough common sense to attack only non-infected people.

    But, other than that, I’m all for having a “Zombie Czar”. It would be like living in a horror spoof, which would not be too far fetched, with all the “death panels” blabber going on.

  2. jp says:

    You’re absolutely right. For whatever reason I always lump 28 Days Later in with the zombie genre.

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