Visionary Weekend

Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival

I will definitely be heading down to this over the weekend. I was going to do a quick write up on it, but I think the description from their website sums it up perfectly.

From the Visionary Arts Festival’s website:

“The first Pittsburgh Visionary Arts Festival is bringing together more than 50 local visionary artists and art innovators into a single venue. For three full days, these artists will share their work, vision and unique ideas in a friendly outdoors festival setting. The VAF will feature a rich diversity of minds, covering the full spectrum of art mediums: from painting to mixed media, from digital media to sound art, through recycled and self-taught art… and beyond! This festival is intended primarily as a visual and sensitory experience of art. While much of the work presented will be available for purchase, a large portion of the work will not be for sale. Experience a slice of Pittsburgh’s greatest visionary art, in a festival that hopes to decorate your soul rather than your living room! Free and open to the public. August 7, 8 and 9, from 12pm to 9pm. Schenley Plaza, (directly in front of the Cathedral of Learning, in the heart of Oakland.)”

Find out more at

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