Fresh Focus

Ah Pittsburgh… City of industry… City of beer…. City of champions… City of newcomers…

…wait. Newcomers? Here?!? That aren’t ANARCHISTS RALLYING TO PROTEST THE G-20!?!

Ah, but yes dear readers. It is indeed true. While South African native Alex Levin enjoys a serious passion for photography, she has spent (*until recently) her first month in Pittsburgh as a nanny. Now, one can argue that as a nanny, Alex might be a little pre-occupied to get a good look at Pittsburgh. But as a keen observant, she has captured images of Pittsburgh that remind us how we love to call this place home. We look forward to more from Alex’s point of view (possibly a little guest bloggity – if we’re so lucky!)

Alex Levin

*Alex is honing in on here passions by working in a photography studio! We hope that means even more photos to come


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