The End is Nigh

living dead

Attention public! If you happen to be in the South Side this Saturday night you may be wondering if Armageddon is here. But don’t worry. It’s just the It’s Alive Show’s South Side Zombie Walk shambling up Carson Street. Zombie Nation, prepare to shamble!

Zombie walks seem to be growing in popularity around the world, but there is no better place to be a zombie than in PGH. Pittsburgh’s claim to being zombie Mecca stems from George Romero’s 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead. While zombie flicks have been around since the ‘30s, it was Romero that introduced us to and revolutionized the modern film and pop culture zombie. Thanks to Romero’s Holy Grail of zombie filmmaking, we can not only boast about our championship sports teams, but we can lay claim to being the Zombie Capital of the World!

And if you haven’t caught The It’s Alive Show yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. Hosted by Professor Emcee Square, they bring back the classic chiller theater show with a sketch comedy / talk show format intermixed with some classic cheesy horror films. You can catch the show Saturday nights at 10:00 on WBGN, or watch it live via streaming video from their website:

As for the Zombie walk, uh, shamble,… are the details for the zombie inclined:

Saturday July 18th

7:00 to 8:00 Meet @ Town Tavern on Carson (under21 @ the Beehive)

8:00 Begin shambling around Carson Street making your way to the Rex Theater

9:00 Zombies disperse, The It’s Alive Show “live” festivities begin @ the Rex  (21 & over)

The live filming of the It’s Alive Show at the Rex will include:

-The Comedy Stylings of Stiffy The Dead Clown

-The Jack N Dick Show featuring Mister Neighbor

-Zombie Burlesque Girls

-Andrew the Impaled

And performances by actual live bands (not to be confused with zombie bands):


-The Botched

-Amoeba Knievel

-The Cheats

Tickets will be $13.00 at the door

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