Have you ever fallen asleep only to wake up in the morning to a room full of lamps, stereos, televisions and other electronic on? Well fortunately for late night workaholics everywhere there is a new product on the horizon. Two local industrial designers, Katie Schaible and Brandon Barber, have been working on a product to eliminate that wasted electricity. Their idea is called Blink.

Schaible states that “many households waste unnecessary energy by leaving lights and other appliances on throughout the day, often when the living space is unoccupied. Blink’s photocell-controlled switch allows natural sunlight to disable any devices that are plugged into it. Its flexible neck aims the photocell toward natural light sources and blinking eyelid fine tunes or deactivates the light sensing function. By using this product consumers will be helping to reduce the amount of wasted energy due to the careless nature of human beings”.

The idea was originally conceived as an entry in the Core 77 Greener Gadgets design competition earlier this year. Schaible and Barber were thrilled when they found out their idea had reached the final voting round of the top 50 entries. And while they weren’t the overall winners, they loved the experience of developing a product that would help lessen the world’s consumption of energy.

While the product is still in the conceptual stage it would be great to see another creative Pittsburgh idea do its part in helping solve the world’s energy problems.


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